After some good practice sessions during the first racing weekend of the GT4 European Series (North) at Misano, the qualifying sessions gave the team of Las Moras Racing/Equipe Verschuur a mixed feeling. Duncan Huisman drove the orange McLaren 570S GT4 of Las Moras Racing Team by Equipe Verschuur to pole position for race one, while the white McLaren of Equipe Verschuur was put on P14.

Unfortunately, the white McLaren was damaged during the first qualifying session and unable to participate in the second qualifying session, while also the orange McLaren 570S GT4 had some issues due to gearbox problems and was put on P19 for the second race of the weekend.

The first race of the weekend did not took long for the McLaren 570S GT4 of Las Moras Racing by Equipe Verschuur, which was on pole position (Duncan Huisman/Luc Braams) for the first race of the weekend. Because of some hits during the first lap, the car needed to retire. Cause of the retirement was the damage of the different collisions. A big disappointment for the whole team of Las Moras Racing by Equipe Verchuur, because they were forced to quit the race after not even a single lap of competition.This time it was the white McLaren that healed the wounds a bit and made the team of Equipe Verschuur smile, because due to some superb driving it was able to achieve a P4 as final result of the first race.

The second race of the weekend was a race with quite some action, but not the results the team had hoped for. P10 was the final result for the McLaren 570S GT4 car of Las Moras Racing Team by Equipe Verschuur and P16 was the final result for the car of Equipe Verschuur.

The focus is already set on the next race of the GT4 European Series (North) at Brands Hatch, during the weekend of May 6 and 7. Let's hope both cars are able to turn the wheel around and get some (further) satisfying results during the second round of the championship.

McLaren 570S GT4 - Misano 2017