With the support of Renault Nederland, Equipe Verschuur was able to participate during the amazing event called Jumbo Familiedagen. An event which may be considered as the biggest racing event in The Netherlands. More than 100.000 visitors were at Circuit Zandvoort throughout the weekend and were able to watch the achievements of Equipe Verschuur and their Renault Sport R.S.01, driven by journalist/racing driver Sandor van Es and tv-host/racing driver Rob Kamphues.

The pace of the Renault Sport R.S.01 was good, right from the beginning. During the practice sessions and qualifying, the car and their drivers were able to match the pace of the theoretically faster LMP3-cars. Although the R.S.01 was fast, the car just missed out on pole position. With a margin of 0.08 seconds the Ligier LMP3 of Inter Europol Competition took pole position, in front of the Renault Sport R.S.01 of Equipe Verschuur.

During the first race of the weekend, the drivers of Equipe Verschuur were able to match the pace of the LMP3-cars in a very good way. Good fights on track made it very enjoyable for the fans, drivers, teams and everyone involved. The top 3 competitors, with Equipe Verschuur among them, were fighting not only for the podium positions but also for the victory. Sandor van Es took the start of the race and was fighting with those LMP3-cars during his whole stint. After the mandatory pitstop, where Sandor van Es swapped his seat with Rob Kamphues, the tv-host/racing driver was on fire. Because both the cars of Inter Europol Competition where in a fight of their own, Rob was able to close the gap with some seconds a lap and was right on their tail within a few laps. With a good overtaking, he overtook both LMP3-cars in one smooth move and was able to finish his job by winning the first race of the weekend with a very decent margin.

Jumbo Familiedagen 2017 - Equipe Verschuur

Because they determine the starting grid of the second race by the second best time of each team, Equipe Verschuur was on pole position for the second race of the weekend. Sandor van Es took the start again and from pole position he was able to maintain his lead. He kept a quite safe margin during his whole stint, which saw a lot of crashes by other cars and some safety car situations, and brought the car in the lead into the pitlane for the mandatory pitstop. Rob Kamphues came back on track behind some of the competitors, because of the penaltytime you get with your pitstop when you have had success during the previous races. Partially lucky, some of the other cars overtook during a safety car situation and some others had a pitstop that was inegible. Because these competitors needed to make a drive-through penalty, and because of a good drive, Rob Kamphues came back to the lead. The LMP3-cars behind him, however, where closing the gap quit fast and were on his tail again within some laps. Rob defended his position very well, until bad luck was striking. An other competitor spread his oil all over the track and no flags where waved, so when Rob came out of the 'Tarzanbocht' he spun around and hit the wall quite hard. This unfortunaely resulted in a lot of damage and a loss of the, possible, victory.

GT4 European Series - South (Pau, France)
In the streets of Pau, France, Equipe Verschuur and Las Moras Racing Team by Equipe Verschuur were competing in the GT4 European Series - South. The streets of Pau are quite vicious and unfortunately the orange McLaren of Las Moras Racing Team by Equipe Verschuur experienced this in a bad way. During qualifying, the car came in contact with the wall in an unpleasant way and because of the damage obtained it also ended the racing weekend before it was properly started. The white McLaren 570S GT4 of Equipe Verschuur was able to improve their results throughout the weekend, from being at the lower positions during free practice and qualiyging toward an even possible podium position. But, also for the second car of Equipe Verschuur bad luck would strike. After a very good drive in the second race of the weekend, where the car was in fourth and having a podium position visible, the car unfortunately spun and got some proper damage too. Unable to finish the race, it was a very unlucky weekend in the GT4 European Series - South for the whole team of Equipe Verschuur.