During the weekend of August 19 and 20, 2017, the races of the GT4 European Series North were scheduled at the Dutch racing track of Zandvoort. A track that could be mentioned as the home ground of Equipe Verschuur, because of their Dutch background. The racing weekend, part of the famous DTM racing weekend, would be weekend of varying results for the Dutch racing team.

Both free practice sessions went pretty well for the McLaren 570S GT4 of both; Equipe Verschuur and Las Moras Racing Team by Equipe Verschuur. The car of Equipe Verschuur took the second time in the first free practice session, with the car of Las Moras Racing Team by Equipe Verschuur achieving a tenth best time.

That the results during free practice would give a reliable view of the display of strength was confirmed by the qualifying sessions. The car of Equipe Verschuur took a third qualifying position during the first session, which meant the car would start the first race from P3, and also a third qualifying position in the second qualifying session to start the second race of the weekend from the third starting position. The car of Las Moras Racing Team was able to get a tenth time in the first qualifying practice and a twentieth time in the second qualifying practice.

The first race of the weekend was a race that looked very hopeful, with the starting positions of both cars in the front of the field. The good positions could not be converted in good results, unfortunately. Both cars were hit during the race and damaged severely enough to withdraw from the race. The orange McLaren of Las Moras Racing Team was hit by an other car at the backside, which resulted in a bend tie rod, somewhere in the middle of the race. The disaster of the white McLaren of Equipe Verschuur was even bigger. They were leading the race, but after a fight with one of the KTM X-Bows the car was hit in the Hans Ernst Corner and had too much damage to continue the race. What could have been a wonderful victory ended with tears in this way.

Luckily enough, both cars were fixed in time to participate during the second race of the weekend. Because of the incident in the first race, the white McLaren was dropped seven positions at the grid (due to a penalty) to start from P10. The orange car of Las Moras Racing Team, however, had some problems with the electronics and the engine was not doing his job properly. After some maintenance, the car of Las Moras Racing Team was able to continue the race with a huge disadvantage and gap to the front. The car of Equipe Verschuur was flying and gain positions during the race in a hurry to get to the podium positions. At the end of the race, the white McLaren of Equipe Verschuur achieved a wonderful podium position by finishing second and the car of Las Moras Racing Team was also able to get to the finish in a proper way. A kind of satisfying end of the weekend after all.

The focus is already set on the next race of the GT4 European Series North, which is the last racing weekend of the series for 2017. The racing weekend will be held at the Nürburgring in Germany, during the weekend of September 16 and 17. Let's hope both cars will get some marvelous results to end the racing season in the GT4 European Series North.

GT4 European Series 2017 - Zandvoort